Thank You Letter from the Team

Flyer for 2013 PicnicDear SACU Friends,

On September 7th at Valley Mill Park, SACU  held its first “Flag Union Picnic and Party.” We could not have asked for better weather or attendance that day. It was absolutely gorgeous. If you missed the picnic this year – you sure missed a good one, but there is always next year – Labor Day weekend.

Attended by over 400 people, the event was highlighted by Team Malawi winning the soccer tournament. Thanks to Team Angola, Team Malawi, Team Zimbabwe and Team Namibia for participating in the soccer tournament.  Sincere apologies for the Netball game that was cancelled due to the last minute non-delivery of the goal posts. We know the SACU team was ready to take on the Jamaican Tigers team, so we will reschedule the Netball in the near future.
Thanks also to members of the event team (Southern African Hospitality Team). These wonderful folks who worked like crazy to make this event come together.
You, the guests of our first SACU Picnic and Party, you have helped create SACU history and ensured that this event will happen again. There is nothing more powerful than when the Southern African Community comes together to share ideas, stories, good conversations and hope.
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Because of your turn out in numbers, your thanks, your smiles, and your participation in games, from our hearts, we sincerely thank you!
Southern African Hospitality Team
Enjoy the picnic highlights courtesy of Cliff Matheson and Voice of America:

Also see the SACU Online Braai Picture Album.

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