SACU Shines at the 2014 Lotus and Water Lily Festival


SACU directors Mimmy Polan, Omega Tawonezvi and Cassandra Sibanda talk to guests about Southern Africa at this year’s festival.

SACU was honored to be a co-sponsor of this year’s  Lotus and Water Lily Festival which had the theme, “Celebrating South Africa’s Culture and Natural Beauty”. This year’s festival, which took place July 19th 2014 from 10-4pm. This year’s festival showcased  Asia and South Africa through cultural and environmental activities at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, one of the best National Parks in the Washington DC metro area.

The festival  included South African food, Arts and crafts for adults and kids. South African flora was on display as guests could walk down the gardens to view that South African Mandela aka Madiba Gold plant. South African animals could be viewed as well because wildlife was brought in. The diverse crowd was delighted to see forms of Southern entertainment there including a dance performance by Lesole Dance Project! and a fashion show!

SACU represented South Africa and the Southern African region by organizing the  fashion show that featured fashions from South Africa and the rest of Southern Africa. It featured local Southern African designers such as Cellina Mlusu from Malawi. The fashion show displayed the diversity and similarity in the dress styles coming from Southern Africa. The outfits were worn by volunteer models from across the region who strutted the designs down a red carpet catwalk to the beat of well known African pop music. They also walked to the tunes of South African inspired music  from the Band Sahel and Mahala.

KAG - SACU photo

DJ P City Mumba, Mimmy Polan, Omega Tawonezvi, J (carried), Cassandra Sibanda, Gaynor Khan


SACU also had a booth where it informed the public about Southern African countries. This included handing out brochures and talking to people about Southern African countries. The public was very receptive to hearing what SACU representatives had to say about tourism, culture and opportunities in the region. SACU was represented by Directors Mimmy Polan, Omega Tawonezvi, Rachel Nghiwete and Cassandra Sibanda. Also representing SACU were Southern African Connection hosts Gaynor Khan and Gil Ingles who made an appearance that day.

SACU was proud to have been a co-sponsor of this event. Other event  sponsors included Infinite Possibilities International, National Capital Park East -NPS, Embassy of South Africa, and Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum. We look forward to participating in more partnerships in the future.

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Watch Video: Southern African Connection’s I-report – KAG Lotus & Water Lilly Festival, part 1

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