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Unless otherwise stated, all content on the SACU webpage are subject to national and international copyright laws and are the property of Southern African Community USA or its brands. One of the basic principles is that of “automatic protection”, which means that copyright protection exists automatically from the time a qualifying work such as a literary work, artistic work, musical compositions, film or footage,  graphic designs or any of many other expressions of creative ideas  once they are fixed in a tangible medium such as paper, film or a silicon chip.

International Copyright

You may not copy SACU’s images, music, likeness or logos outside the USA without SACUs consent. Although copyright laws are country specific, more than 160 countries have ratified the the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)’s Berne Convention treaty, that sets a minimum set of standards for the protection of the rights of the creators of copyrighted works around the world. For international copyrights, the treaty establishes the principles of “national treatment” where  work originating in one  country are given the same protection in the other country grants to works of its own nationals. Therefore work by SACU is granted the same level of protection under the law in the country of any of the 160 countries that signed the treaty.  The  law would cover SACUs work that is reproduced in any of those countries. It also offers national and international “automatic protection” without any required prior formality once the work is placed on any tangible medium such as our website or social media sites.

Moral and Economic rights of SACU’s work

SACU retains the following basic moral right to its work: The right to be identified as the author of a work (please credit our work); The right of integrity (please seek permission to change, alter or distort our work); and The right to first divulge or “publicise” of the work to the public (please let us disseminate or work information or events first).

You may not reproduce our work, distribute our work, alter our work or disseminate our work without permission. SACU retains the following basic economic rights to its work: The right of reproduction (we retain the right to make copies by digital or analogue means); The right of distribution by way of tangible copies (we retain the right to rent or lend of copies of our work); The right of communication to the public (we retain the right to publicize and show all our public performance. We can publicly display and dissemination over digital networks like the Internet), and the right of transformation (we retain the right to adapt or translation of a text work).


You must seek permission to use likeness, logo, image, voice, performance and/or creative work of Southern African Community USA or any of its brands or trade names that appear on its site or social media sites.  Press Releases may be reproduced without permission. Logos may be reposted or reused for the sole purposes of promoting the organization or in news or informational articles about the organization but the logo may not be altered in any way.  Permission can be sought by emailing or by filling out our contact form.

SACU Brands & Logos

Southern African Community USA, Southern African Connection, Southern Africans in the News, Southern Africans for American Immigration Reform

SACU’s Copyrighted artistic works and logos include any designs, logos and images on our site or social media site including the following logos and designs:

Southern African Community USA


Southern African Connection family brand Logos:



Southern African Hospitality Logo