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“Southern African Prepare to Take a Bite of the American Dream” – Voice of America Zimbabwe
(Interviewees: Cassandra Sibanda Gurni, Mercy Chogugudza)
Marvellous Mhlanga-Nyahuye – A four-day re-union weekend for southern Africans living in the United States ended with a business networking event in Silver Spring, Maryland, on Monday with human resources expert, Mercy Chogugudza, advising participants to take the lead in promoting themselves and their businesses. Addressing delegates at a networking and business forum meeting held at the end of a four-day re-union weekend that was organised by the Southern African Community USA (SACU), human resources expert, Mercy Chogugudza, told the southern Africans that America is the land of opportunities and that they too can make it…[ Read the rest of the article at VOA -Zimbabwe ] [Listen to the radio broadcast on VOA].
“Southern African Professionals Studio 7, Voice of America Zimbabwe (Washington D.C.) – August 31st 2014.
(Interviewees: Cassandra Sibanda).
[Link to Studio 7, VOA – Washington] [Listen to the radio on broadcast on VOA]
“Southern African Community USA” : Voice of America, Africa 54 Coverage – September 2013