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Africans are being left out of the immigration debate. This is an effort to keep our communities, informed, engaged, and represented in the immigration debate.

Partnering with other organizations interested in or working in the area of immigration reform to bring a Southern African perspective to the debate.

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 Latest Immigration News:

RE: DACA money for black undocumented immigrants

Our partners at Undocumedia have allocated $5,000 for DACA renewal fees of Black undocumented young people. We're incredibly grateful for their commitment to support and elevate our community during these difficult times.

If you or any other Black undocumented folks you know are in need of renewing, please contact me ( before Wednesday, September 27th. Alternatively, please fill out this form.

Additionally, Mission Asset Funds has secured funding to cover DACA renewals for free. DACA recipients simply apply and MAF will send a check already written out to USCIS for payment of DACA renewal. This is not a loan and no one will be asked to pay the money back. Scholarship applications are here.

Please share widely within your network, we want as many folk
​as possible to benefit.

Thank you,