Our Story

Growing Communities

In recent years, the number of Southern Africans migrating to the U.S. to stay has increased. Southern Africans have been have been migrating to the U.S for a shorter time then other Africans and therefore are fewer in numbers and are less visible then other Africans. Southern Africans began to form associations and groups over the years at the national level but no regional organization has been formed.

The Foundation of SACU

In 2013, Rachel Nghiwete from Namibia, decided that it was time to formalize relations within Southern African communities through concentrated efforts. As such, she began to seek out like-minded Africans from Southern Africa whom were also interested in bringing these communities together in a more formal way. By June of 2013, a group of individuals had come together to organize the “Southern African Union” Picnic and Party to bring the communities together. This August event was the first Southern African eventĀ  that was truly representative of all Southern African communities.

After receiving positive feedback from Southern Africans on this venture, the group decided to proceed with incorporating the organization as a non-profit organization and became the founder members of SACU. SACU was officially incorporated as a registered non-profit organization in Maryland by October of 2013.