Individual Membership

Qualifications of Membership:

Membership in SACU shall be open to all citizens of Southern African nations, individuals born or naturalized in a Southern African nation, individuals born to parents who are citizens or permanent residents of a Southern African nation, and other nationals friendly to a Southern African nation and those related to these individuals by reason of marriage.

Countries that constituent as Southern African are recognized by SACU include Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Individual members shall consist of those individuals requesting membership through the application process and who meet any additional requirements for individual membership as may be imposed by the Executive Board of Directors. Individual members will further be divided into Associate, Bronze, Silver and Gold members. The duties, rights and privileges of each category of membership shall be defined by the By-Laws pursuant to this article.

Membership Classes:  Associate, Bronze, Silver and Gold

  1. Associate (non-paying individuals), Tiered Discounts
  2. Bronze Associate – Tiered Discount, Voting, attend annual meeting.
  3. Silver Associate– Tiered Discount, Voting, propose project, serve as committee.
  4. Gold Associate – Eligibility, Discount, Voting, propose project, can run for Executive Board.

Individual Membership duties, rights and privileges.

The Association General Assembly shall be composed of all the individual members of the organization. The Assembly may take up any matter relating to the welfare or role of the SACU for discussion and disposition at any of its regular or special business meeting convened for the purpose, except those matters currently pending before the Executive Board of Directors.

Voting Rights. Individual members in good standing in the assembly shalldecide all matters designated before it as outlined by the voting guidelines in Article 9. Corporate members in good standing may not vote.

Removal and Resignation. Any member may be removed from membership by a two thirds vote of the Executive Board of Directors only for cause which is defined as misrepresentation of their role in SACU, fraudulent activity, failure to pay dues or purposefully engaging in activities that violates State laws. Members that are removed may reapply or be reinstated at the discretion of the Executive Board of Directors. A member may also choose to voluntarily resign and be removed from database.

General Assembly Meeting.

The Assembly shall meet annually during the first quarter of each year. Special business meetings of the assembly may be convened upon petition of at least one-fourth (¼) of Bronze, Silver or Gold membership in good standing, or at the request of Executive Board of Directors, or at the discretion of the Administration Unit.


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CONSTITUTION: See our organization’s constitution & By-laws for more information about SACU membership.

MEMBERSHIP CLASSES: Individual Membership, Organizational Membership, Honorary Membership